Separation, Victories and the False Dawn


Oregon, pine, builders plastic orange and clear, braceboard, compressed cement board, rockwool insulation, chicken wire, nike cap, acacia obtusifolia, porcelain column, cast cock candles, birthday candles, copper shim, iron oxide paint, gum branch, macramé hanger, cast rosemary ash vase (mold care of the late Nicholas Briggs) tissue box, vase and plastic flowers, drying rack, high-pressure sodium discharge light, florescent light, bubbler with homemade rosé circulating (fruity aroma with hints of vegemite), crystal wine glass, peg board, tiles, hessian curtains, shower curtains, brown pvc curtains, rosemary salt mix, 120L aluminum pot, eski, salt clay balls, plaster light fitting, plaster, brugmansia versicolor (live), shag carpet, vinyl, ply wood, steel strapping, (floor) mirror, shark egg case, rosemary branches, black salt.