The perfect heart of Robert Round (Death by Marrakech)

Oregon, structural pine, T2 treated pine, punching bag, Christmas tree, floor tiles, iron oxide, shellac, goblet, bitumen and iron bark, sea sponge, iron ladle, pumice, Erlenmeyer flask , copper sulphate, glass jug, lavender wine, Copper ring, copper nails, acacia obtusifolia bark, Persian rugs, punching bag, builders plastic, methylene blue, sea water, brace board, villaboard, Gyprock, florescent lighting, nautical buoy fragment, white tulle, doryphora sassafras wreath, rosemary and sassafras infused iron bark shellac, black tulle, hair extension, leather cord, cast lead, builders line, lead sinkers, vitamin b ampules, cravat, powder box, talcum powder, mortar and pestle, cock-cage, lamp tassle, pink ribbon, rosemary ash remnants, unknown sea bird bones (NSW south coast), dental floss, ribbon, silver batts, ply wood, wall tiles, demijohn, moss wine, cork, brown, trap doors, Sex Marriage and Birth Control by Rev. Alfred Henry Tyrer, shattered flagon, rosemary wine remnants, string, copper foil, copper pipe, high-pressure sodium lamp, pinus pinaster needles, cast rosemary ash, kitty litter, watch glass, winogradsky columns -33.971719, 150.995453. -33.977412, 151.227484, -33.899862, 151.235929, -33.832971, 151.280864, , mdf, pig pillows, porcelain column, towel, chamber pot, ethanol water mix 60:1, glass bottles, bed sheets, love seat, mirror, chocolate brown vinyl curtains, yellow mirror, bell jar raw grass cooked clay, phalaris aquatica ash Rosemary officinalis, tagetes patula , laurus nobilis, plantago lanceolata, Erigeron glaucus, salix babylonica , stellaria media, erigeron glaucus, Salix alba, acacias longifolia , acacia maidenii, acacia decurrens, artemisia absinthium, lavandula angustifolia, avena sativa, aynara cardunculus , cirsium_vulgare,  mentha piperita, triticum spp., soliva pterosperma, nicotiana tabacum, araucaria heterophylla, ficus macrophylla, juniperus communis, quercus ilex, taraxacum officinale, brugmansia versicolour, datura stramonium, viola tricolor subsp. hortensis, aloe vera, hedera nepalensis.

Primavera 2014, Young Australia Artist. MCA. Image courtesy and copyright of the artist, Photographer: Alex Davies.