Two of seven in the dark (Disce bene mori)

Dimensions variable

Oregon, T2 Pine, structural pine, steel strapping, braceboard, builders plastic, tarp, tin (cast) cans, match box, rainbow lorikeet feathers and down, eski, pumps, garden hose, gas hose, pvc hose, towel rack, copper condenser, lavender spirit twice distilled, assorted port bottles, hot plate, mirror, polystyrene box, kitty litter, aluminium foil, turbo yeast, sugar, cardboard box, oven pan, vinegar, copper shim, high-tensile steel cable, heat-mat, railway pulley, sling, pvc pipe, bitumen, rock climbers pulley, bubble wrap, granite mortar and pestle, cock-cage, ribbon, roman wormwood, cement bucket, water, gaffa tape, linoleum roll, assorted pots and pans, rosemary ash (cast and lose), lavender ash, night jasmine ash, roman wormwood ash, ribwart ash, dandelion ash, datura ash, studio refuse, tiles, 20L HDPP containers, datura menstruum, lavender wine (fermenting) , plantago wine (fermenting), nautical buoy fragment, cast timber mask with bismuth, powerboard cable ties.